Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen


The public specialised library of the Sachsenhausen Memorial currently holds around 25,000 media units dealing with the areas covered by the collection

  • National Socialism, concentration camps, Sachsenhausen concentration camp
  • post-war history, Soviet occupation policy, special camps
  • commemoration policy, memorials, memorial educational work


The library also holds a collection of National Socialist literature (around 2,800 volumes) and personal papers and gifts bequeathed by former concentration camp inmates, of which the most extensive is the library of Martha and Harry Naujoks comprising some 2,400 volumes. The collection also includes primary sources on microfiche such as the files from the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial, the judgments of the People’s Court for high treason and the files of the Nazi party chancellery, for which a microfilm reader is available. This collection is supplemented by around 69 subscribed journals and periodicals.



The reference collection is freely available for all users and visitors. Special permission is required only for using special collections such as the collection of Nazi literature. Items cannot be taken out on loan.

Research can be conducted in the collection using the electronic catalogue in the library and using the collective catalogue of the Memorial Libraries’ Working Group (AGGB), including online, except for the collection of Nazi literature. The literature list includes a selection of literature on the collection’s main areas of focus.