Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen

Commercial tour guides

In 2018 more than 700,000 people from all over the world visited the Sachsenhausen Memorial. Some 150,000 of these visitors, primarily from abroad, came as members of groups on guided tours offered by commercial firms or associations. External tour guides are important mediators for the Sachsenhausen Memorial, especially for establishing links to our many foreign visitors.


Basic certification course

In 2011 the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation introduced a seal of quality, for which a fee is payable, in the Sachsenhausen Memorial. This is intended to ensure, by mean of obligatory training seminars and regular information, that quality standards are guaranteed for private guided tours. External guides are only permitted to lead tours in the Sachsenhausen Memorial if they have attended a basic course on the history of the various phases of Sachsenhausen’s history. By attending the basic course, external guides acquire a licence entitlement, a seal of quality permitting guides to obtain a licence, valid for one year, which identifies them for their tour members as service providers certified by the Memorial. Tour guides who visit the Memorial only rarely are able to obtain a day licence on site.


Advanced certification course

External guides are later required to take part in selected advanced courses, by means of which their licence entitlement can be extended. These courses are offered regularly to go into greater depth into various thematic areas or on current temporary exhibitions. Attendance of an advanced course extends the licence entitlement for certified guides (who have completed the basic course).


In the Memorial

At the start of each visit to the Memorial guides must sign their groups in at the visitors information centre, stating the number of persons in the group. Commercial firms and associations share in the cost of care and preservation of the Memorial and the heavy increase in the use of the infrastructure by paying a fee. As well as training courses and providing information leaflets, the Memorial’s services include providing a permanent contact person for guides. If you intend to accompany a group or individual persons in the Memorial, please be sure to get in touch beforehand with Mr Müller.