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Commercial tour guides

Information for Tour Guides and Commercial Providers

700,000 guests visit the Sachsenhausen Memorial every year, a large number of them through offers provided by tourist companies or associations. Working as a guide requires comprehensive knowledge about the historical place. In preparation for this demanding role, the Memorial conducts regular certification courses and further training. Only guides who obtain a license within the framework of these courses  are allowed to guide visitors on the Memorial Site.  Licenses must be updated at regular intervals to remain valid through the participation in advanced  training courses.

Certification Course 1 (Basic Course)

The Brandenburg Memorial Sites Foundation has introduced licensing for guides since 2011. Through attending a certification course, the guides acquire a license limited to four years. The courses is offered in German several times a year.  If possible, a course in English is also offered. The courses are announced on this page and via our newsletter.  If you are interested in working as a guide on the Site, please contact the Memorial early and register for one of the courses. The registration deadline to participate in a certification course is one month before the start of the course, at the latest, provided there are still places available. The successful completion of the certification course entitles the participant to a license valid for four years to conduct guided tours on the Site in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Certification Course I Plus (Advanced Course)

After successfully completion of a basic course, guides can extend their license for a further four years by attending advanced training courses. Corresponding courses are regularly offered on various topics or current exhibitions. The license expires automatically if no further training course has been attended within four years. If you are interested in continuing your work as a guide on the Site, please register early for one of the training courses. Certified guides are also welcome to attend the advanced training courses at any time before the license expires, provided there are still places available.

Regulations for Licensed Guides at the Memorial

  • Guides must register their groups at the Visitors‘ Information Centre at the beginning of each visit, stating the total number of guests. A valid licence is required for this.
  • Licensed guides must wear their licence badge visibly at all times on the Memorial grounds. The licence itself is free of charge. A one-time nominal fee (20,- Euro) is charged for the issue of the pass. No passes will be issued without prior participation in a course (the former day licence no longer exists).
  • Tours of external providers are only permitted after 13:30. The following exceptions apply: School and youth groups can also start their tours in the morning from 08:30-09:00 hrs and on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 08:30-10:30 hrs. Groups with daily collective meeting points in Berlin (spontaneous city tourists) can also visit the Memorial site between 10:30-13:30.
  • The group size should not exceed 25 persons, the tolerated limit is 30 persons. Groups of 30 persons or more (including children and accompanying staff) must be divided.
  • It is not recommended that children under 14 years of age to visit the Memorial. The guides are advised to pass on this recommendation to their customers before booking.
  • Tourist companies and associations contribute to the care and maintenance of the infrastructure of the Memorial by paying a mandatory fee of 2,- Euro per participating person (also children under 12 years). This fee does not represent an entrance fee, the entrance to the Memorial is free for visitors. The fee is paid quarterly only by invoice by the company. Should you only make a few tours a year, you can contact the Memorial for a cash payment arrangement prior to your visit.

The Memorial provides services which include training courses and the free provision of the leaflet "Historical Overview and Site Plan" as well as permanent contact persons for the guides.

If you are accompanying a group or individual visitors to the Memorial for the first time, please contact the Memorial in advance.