Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen

Study days

Study days are intended to give you the space to explore aspects of the historic site and its history in greater depth. Employing a variety of different methods, they each include a general tour to give you an overall picture, and then you have the opportunity to go off and explore various selected topics on your own and discuss your findings with the other participants.

What sources tell us – skill-oriented study days

“Research learning” using sources is at the centre of these study days. Starting from a drawing by an inmate of the concentration camp, an archaeological find or a historic photo, participants will be able to develop their own questions and hypotheses, which they can then delve into in the course of the study day with a critical look at sources. In this way, they arrive at more general questions and gain an insight into various aspects of the camp’s history.

Study days on biographies and reasons for persecution

Study days on biographies or individual groups of inmates combine an empathetic approach to the life stories of former inmates with a critical look at the reasons why they were persecuted. With the aid of memoirs and recollections, interviews and photos, but also of documents from the perpetrators, participants can get to know the people affected from various perspectives. How can we begin to understand them against the background of the context of the system of concentration camps and death camps? The life-long consequences of their internment and the way we as a society deal with this history have effects lasting ito the present day.

The following topics are offered:

  • Inmates in Sachsenhausen concentration camp – life stories and reasons for persecution (from school year 9 upwards, 6 hours)
  • Jewish inmates in Sachsenhausen concentration camp (from school year 9 upwards, 5 to 6 hours)
  • Sinti and Roma in Sachsenhausen concentration camp (from school year 9 upwards, 6 hours)

Study days with a thematic focus  

Participants get an in-depth insight into a selected historical question and develop their own answers. Following a themed tour of the Sachsenhausen Memorial, participants split into small groups to work on various aspects of the topic with the aid of materials and exhibitions. Then they all come together to combine and discuss their findings.