Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen

Youth Meetings and Work Camps

International youth meetings

The Sachsenhausen Memorial runs youth meetings with two, three or more nationalities in the Szczypiorski House International Youth Venue. We design the programme in close consultation with the organisers.

Since the participants explore the historic site together and come to grips with the history of National Socialism and the Second World War and their consequences, we encourage participants to meet and interact with each other. Together, they trace the life stories of people from all over Europe who were interned in Sachsenhausen concentration camp for a variety of different reasons.

As a result, they get to know the Sachsenhausen Memorial as an international place of commemoration, in which various different perspectives on history converge. Meeting in an international group enables participants to become aware of the different national and cultural factors that influence memories and ways of seeing history and to discuss these and acknowledge them, even when they challenge their own view.

Games, excursions and recreational time spent together ensure that participants can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and that the youth meeting is an experience that will long stay with them.

International work camps

Each summer, international work camps take place in the Sachsenhausen Memorial in co-operation with the Youth Volunteers Association (YVA) (Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.V. (VjF)) and other partner organisations. These work camps combine history education with practical involvement in caring for and preserving the Memorial. The programme includes research, creative projects and discussions with contemporary witnesses, as well as discussions and excursions around the history of Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Soviet Special Camp.

The recreational programme and communal cooking in the International Youth Venue allow participants from all over the world to grow together over the three weeks of the camp.