Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen

Opening Times, Prices and Travel Information



The outdoor grounds are open from 8:30 until 18:00.

From 15 June, three museums in the Sachsenhausen Memorial will reopen for visitors (LEARN MORE).

Guided tours and study days are available again as of 1 June.

General social distancing and hygiene rules apply, as well as the requirement to wear a medical mask (also applicable on the grounds).

The staff, some of whom are working from home offices, can be reached via e-mail.

We ask for your understanding and stay healthy!


Archive and library: temporarily closed, but enquiries can still be made by e-mail.
Further information about the Archive and the Library.



Admission to the Memorial and the Museums is free.

If you would like to book guided tours and study days, please register at least four months in advance due to high demand.

Please use our registration form.

The following fees are charged for guided tours and study days:

Group Tours

In German or easy to understand language, reduced price (e.g. for schools)

16 to 30 participants:  25,- Euro
up to 15 participants: 15,- Euro

In a foreign language, reduced price (e.g. for schools)

16 to 30 participants: 50,- Euro
up to 15 participants: 40,- Euro

Full Price

16 to 30 participants: 85,- Euro
up to 15 participants: 65,- Euro

Study Days

In German, reduced price (e.g. for schools)

40,- Euro/Day

In a foreign language, reduced price (e.g. for schools)

55,- Euro/Day

Full Price

100,- Euro/Day

Cancellations are subject to cancellation fees according to the fee regulations.

Audio Guides

Single: 3,- Euro

Group price: (10 devices or more) 2,- Euro

There are sufficient devices available. A reservation for groups is not necessary.


TRAVEL INFORMATION (from Berlin-Centre)


S-Bahn line S 1 (Wannsee - Oranienburg) to Oranienburg train station (Travel time from Berlin Friedrichstraße station 45 minutes, every 20 minutes).

Regional Trains

In case you are travelling with the regional train, please change trains at Oranienburg station and not at Sachsenhausen station.

Regional train RE 5 (direction Stralsund/Rostock - Neustrelitz - Wünsdorf-Waldstadt/Elsterwerda) to Oranienburg station (travel time from Berlin Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) 25 minutes, runs hourly).

Regional train RB 12 (direction Templin) from Berlin-Ostkreuz and Berlin- Lichtenberg to Oranienburg Station (travel time 25 minutes, runs hourly).

Regional train RB 20 from Potsdam to Oranienburg station (travel time 60 minutes, runs hourly)

Buses departing in front of Oranienburg train station

Bus line 804 (hourly 8:19 etc., direction Malz, last bus 17:19) to the stop "Gedenkstätte".

Bus line 821 (11:55, 13:55, 14:55, 15:43 and 17:00, direction Tiergarten) to the stop  "Gedenkstätte".

Tickets at VBB rates, from Berlin-Hauptbahnhof or Berlin-Friedrichstraße zone "Berlin ABC"; from Berlin-Lichtenberg "Berlin BC". These tickets are also valid for the OVG bus lines in Oranienburg.

Alternatively the Memorial can be reached from Oranienburg train station in 20 minutes on foot.

Cars and Buses

From Berlin take the city motorway A 111 towards Hamburg; at the Oranienburg junction take the A 10 motorway (Berliner Ring) towards Prenzlau as far as the Birkenwerder exit; then take the B 96 to Oranienburg and follow the signs to the Memorial ("Gedenkstätte").