Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen

Book of the Dead Soviet Special Camp 1945 - 1950

Massengrab des sowjetischen Speziallagers in Sachsenhausen, Friedhof am Kommandantenhof, Fotograf: Friedemann Steinhausen, Datum: Juli 2010

The Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen has, through yearlong research work, developed und published a Book of the Dead for Victims of the Soviet Special Camp No. 7 / No. 1 in Weesow and in Sachsenhausen. The Book of the Dead was first published in 2010 and published again in a 2nd and improved edition in 2022.

In this databank, the names and basic life information of the 11,889 people that died in the Soviet Special Camp No. 7 / No. 1 in Weesow and in Sachsenhausen are available. Children were also born in the camp and died there. However, neither their birth nor their death was recorded by the camp administration. Therefore, the Book of the Dead cannot provide any information about them.

We ask relatives and all other people who have further information or would like to receive further information to get in touch with the memorial using the contact form listed underneath each respective person.

Overview of All Names