Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen

Book of the Dead Sachsenhausen 1936-1945


It was not until April 2008, 63 years after the liberation of the prisoners from Sachsenhausen concentration camp, that the Memorial was able to publish a list with the names of more than 20,000 victims of the “concentration camp near the imperial capital“. At the events held to commemorate the anniversary of the liberation, a printed copy of the Book of the Dead was solemnly presented to Pierre Gouffault, the President of the International Sachsenhausen Committee, and to each of the Vice Presidents who had travelled here from many different countries. This marked the provisional conclusion of painstaking and laborious research by the Memorial to find out the names of all the concentration camp prisoners who had not survived to witness the liberation.

Book of the Dead Sachsenhausen 1936-1945 online