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Next Generation in Dialogue: the Future of Remembrance

08. March 2021

What will the future of remembrance look like without survivors? What perspective do grandchildren and great-grandchildren have? Have they found their own ways of dealing with the topic of National Socialism or German concentration camps? Are they involved in remembrance, educational work or human rights in their respective home countries and environments? How do the forms of remembrance and also the ways of dealing with family and collective traumas differ in the various countries?

For many years, memorial work in the memorial sites was accompanied and supported by survivors. Often, survivors’ children and grandchildren were also involved, as accompanying persons, in the work of the survivors' associations and the memorial site committees. But often the perspective and voice of the younger generations are missing.

The Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum invites younger descendants and family members of survivors or victims of the concentration camps to an international symposium in 2021 as part of the YOUNG INTERVENTIONS project. Together we can interact, network and discuss.

The first part of the symposium will take place digitally on 16-17 April 2021. The second part of the symposium is planned for the autumn of 2021 as an international meeting at the Sachsenhausen Memorial in Oranienburg. The international symposium is aimed at relatives of survivors and victims of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp from different countries. The language for the events will be English.

The digital kick-off meeting will take place on the anniversary of the liberation of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp with two 3-hour meetings on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The second part of the symposium is planned in autumn as a 5-day international meeting in the youth centre in Oranienburg.

In addition, all participants are invited to contribute their individual experiences, perspectives, political positions, art or reflections during the current year.

We look forward to receiving your registration by 3 April 2021 via Email: for the digital meeting for descendants taking place on the anniversary. The number of participants is limited. Participation in the digital kick-off is free of charge and there is no obligation to participate in autumn. Further information and a programme will follow after registration.

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The project "Young Interventions" is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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