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Online conference: The history of the Soviet Special Camps in Germany. Historiography and future perspectives

Stacheldrahtzaun vor dem Speziallager Sachsenhausen mit Schild "Verbotene Zone" und Wachturm, 1949 (Foto: Richard Perlia)

20. August - 21. August 2021 – 09:00 - 19:30 Uhr

The central focus lies in how the complex history of Soviet special camps in Germany will be researched, communicated, and remembered in the future. more


Next Generation in Dialogue: The Future of Remembrance

Foto: Gedenkstätte Sachsenhausen

26. October - 31. October 2021

International Symposium for Younger Descendants of Former Prisoners at Sachsenhausen Memorial and Szczypiorski House more